Open Requests for Information

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

The Center is seeking a vendor to provide survey services for conducting CHNAs through our organization.

This CHNA Project allows The Center to assist communities with developing action plans to improve health in their area. The Center works with multiple communities each year on these projects.

Implementation TA/Leadership Development

The National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center) is issuing a Request for Information for potential business partners for Leadership Development to provide leadership development, management training and/or service excellence education and Technical Assistance (TA) with the implementation of action plans in the following areas: financial and operational; quality of care and transitions of care; practice management and revenue cycle management.

The Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining and improving health care in rural communities. The Center provides technical assistance, information, tools, and resources for the improvement of rural health care. It serves as a national rural health knowledge center and strives to build state and local capacity. The Center operates at a $5.1 million annual budget.

Through the Delta Region Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) Program, The Center, along with the Delta Regional Authority (DRA), and the Health Resources Services Administration’s Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) have partnered to support selected hospitals, clinics and communities with an opportunity to receive leadership development training and technical assistance (TA).

The Center is using these Requests for Information to develop relationships with potential vendors for these services. This is not a guarantee of a contract, although based on responses, this RFI process may result in the selection of one or more entities to provide more detailed proposals or develop a more specific scope of work for contracting purposes.

Questions regarding these opportunities may be directed to Shannon Jorgenson, Contract Specialist,

Telehealth and Financial System Equipment Suppliers

In addition to the above opportunities, The Center is seeking potential suppliers of telehealth and financial system enhancement equipment and software. As we move forward with projects in the DRCHSD Program, we will be assisting with purchases and need to develop relationships with potential suppliers. 

Examples of telehealth and financial system enhancement equipment and software that may need to be procured are: cameras and monitors, microphones, speakers/audio, appropriate HIPAA-compliant software, system-compatible stethoscopes, scanners, carts, accounting software, HRIS software, revenue cycle management software, EHR/EMR software, etc.  

Some examples of IT/Software systems currently in use in the facilities that we are assisting are: CPSI(Evident) American Health Tech, Athena, T-Systems, Cerner Community Works, Chart Access, E-Clinical Works, AS400, SuccessEHS, MedHost, Allscripts.

If you would like to be considered as a potential vendor for this equipment/software, please submit an email including the following information:

  1. Organization Name
  2. Location of organization headquarters
  3. Contact name
  4. Contact email/phone number
  5. List of available equipment/software with pricing
  6. Three business references (include phone number and email)

The above information should be sent to Shannon Jorgenson at