CAH Financial Pro Forma for Cost Reimbursement

The purpose of this Excel-based financial modeling tool is to help rural hospitals explore long-term financial projections under the current Fee For Service (FFS)/cost-based reimbursement systems.


Economic Impact Analysis Tool

This tool uses formulas to estimate economic impact of grant program investments on local economies. These calculations help rural program grantees assess performance, and advocate for resources that contribute to program sustainability and improved health care for rural populations.


Challenges for Improving Health Care Access in Rural America: A Compendium of Research and Policy Analysis Studies of Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Centers

Author: Rural Health Research and Policy Centers

Challenges for Improving Health Care Access in Rural America presents the studies in six sections according to subject matter: health insurance and its financing; research and policy analysis studies on access to care for rural populations; profiles of the impact of the economic downturn by examining specific rural communities and their health care sectors; issues in rural health workforce, covering the crisis situation for primary care physicians; general surgeons, registered nurses, and dentists; and, health system challenges with an emphasis on rural impacts of financing and quality init


Rural Landscape Model Econometric Model

Author: Washington State Department of Health, Office of Community and Rural Health

Provides information on how rural communities understand and quantify the relationships between rural health care and rural economies. The worksheets are for data collection using the Econometric Model. The workbook provides interactive modeling between local health care system characteristics, population characteristics and economic impacts.