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A Rural Hospital Guide to Improving Care Management

Author: Mary Guyot, Stroudwater Associates

October 6, 2015

Mary Guyot, Stroudwater Associates

A Rural Hospital Guide to Improving Care Management [PDF - 499 KB]

This guide was developed to help rural hospitals gain a greater understanding of care management roles and staffing needs, as well as the responsibilities for utilization review and discharge planning. It clarifies best practices and help providers identify opportunities for process improvements that directly impact quality of care.


A Guide for Rural Hospitals to Identify Populations and Shift to Population Health

Author: Stroudwater Associates
This guide provides rural hospitals with a practical approach to identifying key patient populations. It outlines a process to initiate population health planning and discusses how to integrate population health initiatives as part of an organization’s strategy. Providers will gain a greater understanding of how to determine which patient populations to target in their initiatives and where to direct resources to improve quality and outcomes as well as reduce the cost of care.

2017 Accreditation Survey Activity Guide for Health Care Organizations

Author: The Joint Commission

This guide provides information to help health care organizations prepare for an onsite Joint Commission accreditation survey. It includes an ordered list of survey activities and details the logistical needs and objectives for each activity. The guide also makes suggestions about which staff members should participate in each survey activity. The guide contains clarifications and corrections for 2017 that are specific to the critical access hospital (CAH) program.


Midwest Retention Toolkit

Author: The National Rural Health Resource Center and the National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network

Similar to a provider’s medical bag, the Retention Toolkit has a variety of instruments or tools for use at each stage of a health care organization’s retention plan. This toolkit includes worksheets, sample surveys, agendas, and plans that may be utilized with all of these types of providers although many of the samples are based on physician retention. The tools ensure they are properly orientated to the practice, integrated into the community along with their family and recognized for their service and impact on local health care.


Flex Program Conducts a Critical Access Hospital Medicare Mock Survey

Author: Minnesota Department of Health/Minnesota State Office of Rural Health and Primary Care

Provides information on how the Minnesota Flex Program conducts mock surveys to help critical access hospitals (CAHs) prepare for their Medicare Survey, and more importantly, help CAHs ensure the highest quality of care at their facilities. By conducting mock surveys, CAHs receive survey preparation recommendations, conditions of participation guidance, and additional resources.

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