The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is a standardized survey used to measure patient experience of hospital care. Using the feedback gathered through HCAHPS, hospitals can improve upon the quality of care provided and further engage patients in their health journey. Activities to implement HCAHPS or improve upon performance are allowable under the investment category Value-Based Purchasing. The following are resources that may provide new ideas and tools for such activities.

Past TASC 90 Webinar


June 12, 2012

Hear an overview of research conducted about CAH use of HCAHPS and how HCAHPS relates to MBQIP. Learn about one Flex Program's approach to HCAHPS using their CAH quality network.


HCAHPS Overview: Vendor Directory

This guide, updated August 2019, provides information on HCAHPS, including the benefits and challenges to implementing an HCAHPS survey process with small rural hospitals, specifically CAHs. It also identifies vendors to guide small rural hospital and CAH vendor selection of this important, patient-centered survey process.


Health Care Leader Action Guide to Effectively Using HCAHPS

This guide describes how HCAHPS data should be used in context with other information about organizational performance. It highlights cultural elements necessary to build a firm foundation for HCAHPS success. Once these have been considered, the guide outlines a five-step approach to using HCAHPS effectively to improve the patient experience, quality and safety.



This website provides important information about how to implement the HCAHPS survey which is a survey instrument for measuring patients’ perspectives on hospital care. The survey contains patient perspectives on care and patient rating items that encompass key topics.


Using HCAHPS to Drive Patient and Employee Satisfaction

In this guide, subject matter experts in rural health recommend a systems-based framework to translate HCAHPS data into patient and employee satisfaction. The guide documents HCAHPS processes and outcomes from two small rural hospitals that have been successfully utilizing HCAHPS data to drive patient and employee satisfaction.