Please use the following instructions to use the Flex Program Forum.

Find a discussion

Discussions are listed at the forum home page. There are three ways to filter the list, including: Search, Topic area and Posts by author.


The search bar on the home page searches the body of all discussions for a keyword. Enter the keyword you wish to search for and click the Apply button.

Topic area

To filter results by topic, select a topic from the Topic area drop down and click the Apply button.

Keyword searches can be combined with a topic area filter to show only results which match both filters.

Posts by author

Click the username of a post author on the forum home page to see all posts by that author.

Clearing filters

To clear your selected filters, delete the search bar text and select - Any - in the Topic area drop down. Then click the Apply button.

Viewing the discussion

Once you have found a discussion you want to see, click the title to view the full discussion.

Start a discussion

First, search the forum to make sure there is not already a relevant discussion started to comment on. If there is a relevant discussion, it's best to comment on the already existing discussion.

Once you have decided you have a new discussion to begin:

  • Click the Start Discussion link at the top of the page.
  • Type a desciptive title for your discussion in the Title field.
  • Choose the relevant topic in the Topic Area field.
  • Type in the body of your post - the controls in the Body field work similarly to controls you would see in a word processor or email program.
  • Add a file attachment by clicking Browse... under File Attachments, finding the file, and clicking Attach. Note the list of allowed file formats and maximum size allowed. (optional)
  • Click Preview if you would like to preview your discussion.
  • Click Save to create the discussion.

Comment on an existing discussion

If you want to comment on an existing discussion, visit the discussion page and follow these steps:

  • Type a new comment subject in the Subject field. (optional)
  • Type the body of your comment in the Comment field. The controls in the comment field are similar to what you would see in a word processor or email program.
  • Add a file attachment by clicking Browse... under File Attachments, finding the file, and clicking Attach. Note the list of allowed file formats and maximum size allowed. (optional)
  • Click Preview if you would like to preview your comment.
  • Click Save to create the comment.

Add a hyperlink

Links can be added in the body of a new discussion or comment.

  • Select the text you want to turn into a link.
  • Click the link button (pictured below).

Hyperlink button

  • The Insert/edit link window appears (pictured below).
  • Enter the URL for the link under Link URL. Important: The URL needs the protocol at the beginning (usually http://). The best way to make sure you have a working link is to visit the site and copy the address bar in your browser.
  • Leave Target as Not Set. 
  • Leave Title blank.
  • Click Insert.

Insert/edit link window

Subscribe to email notifications

You may subscribe to specific discussions, all discussions in a specific topic area or all Flex Program Forum discussions. There are two places to manage your subscriptions. You will receive an email notification when content is posted within your selected area.

When viewing a discussion

Subscribe and unsubscribe links appear at the top of each discussion, depending on your subscription settings. The links will say Subscribe to or Unsubscribe from:

  • Subscribe to: Content tagged with [Topic Area]
    • Controls your subscription to all discussions in a topic area.
    • Do not subscribe to individual posts in this topic area (see Potential for duplicate emails below)
  • Subscribe to: This post
    • Controls your subscription to only this post.
  • Subscribe to: Flex Program Discussion posts
    • Controls your subscription to all posts on the Flex Program Forum.
    • Do not make any other subscriptions if you subscribe using this method (see Potential for duplicate emails below)

Subscriptions will be sent if an update matches any option you are subscribed to, so unsubscribing from a specific discussion thread makes no difference if you are subscribed to either its topic area or all Flex Program Forum discussions.

Potential for duplicate emails

Your email subscriptions will send one email per matching subscription per update. Consider the following scenario:

  • You subscribe to the Flex Forum Discussion content type.
  • You also subscribe to the MBQIP topic area tag.
  • A new message is posted to the MBQIP forum.
In this scenario, the automated email system will send you two updates, both linking to the same new message. To avoid this behavior:
  • If you set a subscription to Flex Forum Discussion, do not set any other subscriptions.
  • If you set a subscription to a topic area tag, do not set a subscription to any individual topic threads within that topic area.

Unsubscribe/Manage Existing Subscriptions

  • Click manage account near the top of the forum page.
  • Click the Notifications tab.
  • Click the Subscriptions tab.
  • Your current subscriptions appear in the list. Check any subscriptions you wish to manage, select an Update option from the dropdown box and click Update to change a subscription's settings.

Manage your account

Click the manage account link near the top of the forum page to access your account.

Add a profile picture

  • Click the Edit tab.
  • You may skip the Account Information fields
  • Click Browse... under Picture and select the picture you'd like to upload. Pictures are limited to 85x85 pixels - larger photos will be scaled to this size.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Change your email address or password

  • Click the Edit tab.
  • Enter the email address under Account Information.
  • If you want to change your password, enter the new password in both the Password and Confirm Password fields.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page.