Spotlight Videos

These videos spotlight how the DRCHSD Program has assisted health care organizations in identifying and addressing health care needs while strengthening the local health care system.

Highlights from the DRCHSD 2017 and 2019 Cohorts

This compilation video spotlights the work of program participants from the 2017 and 2019 cohorts as they identify and address health care needs, collaborate with the community to increase access to care, and strengthen the local health care system.

Marshall Browning Hospital improves Care Coordination to Serve and Center the Community

This video showcases how Marshall Browning Hospital, a participant in the 2019 cohort of the Delta Region Community Health Systems Development Program (DRCHSD), shifted its institutional mission from making sick people better to “what can we do to keep you well” — which led to improvements in their care coordination and transitional care services.

Sparta Community Hospital Increases Accessibility of Care to Advance Health Equity

Hear the story of how the DRCHSD program helped Sparta Community Hospital listen to its community to identify the barriers to health. Sparta then added a mobile clinic to increase the accessibility of primary care to address barriers and advance health equity. 

Madison Medical Center Engages the Whole Community to Address Nutrition, Exercise, and Mental Health

Hear the story of how the DRCHSD program helped Madison Medical Center to use health outcome data with community partners to launch Move Madison County, an initiative to address high obesity rates, by engaging providers, partners, patients, and community members.

Pinckneyville Community Hospital Strengthens Care Coordination and Discharge Processes to Keep Patients Healthy

Hear the story of how DRCHSD program helped Pinckneyville Community Hospital improve community care coordination and transitions of care by deepening bonds with community and county partners.

Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital Creates Strong Community Partnerships to Care for Patients Holistically 

Hear the story of how the DRCHSD program helped to set up Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital and the community for long-term success, focusing on partnerships that help to strengthen opportunities for recreation, exercise, and nutrition. 

Franklin Hospital brings community partners together, listens to the community’s needs, and communicates the resources available in the hospital and community.

Hear the story of how the DRCHSD Program supported and helped develop the Community Champion to bring community partners together, listen to the community’s needs, and communicate the resources available in the hospital and community.

Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Addresses Patients Holistically and Improves ED Processes to Keep the Community Healthy

Hear the story of how the DRCHSD Program helped NRMC implement ED redirect processes and identify and address the social determinants of health in their community.

Henry County Medical Center Addresses Behavioral and Mental Health by Launching #SilencetheShameTN

Hear the story of how the DRCHSD Program helped HCMC assemble a group of diverse community partners to identify and address the behavioral health gaps in their community.

Iron County Medical Center Focuses on Financial and Operational Efficiencies

Hear how ICMC improved its financial position and increased operational efficiencies by implementing best practices from the DRCHSD Program's financial, operational, and quality improvement assessments. Hear how their Community Champion is working to keep their community involved and informed.

Delta Memorial Hospital and DePaul Community Health Centers Address Socioeconomic Challenges to Strengthen Community Care Coordination

Hear the story of how these neighboring health care organizations worked together through the DRCHSD Program to strengthen their community care coordination.

Tippah County Hospital Increases its Use of Telehealth to Increase Access to Care

Hear the story of how the DRCHSD Program helped TCH grow its telehealth program.

South Sunflower County Hospital Improves Financial Stability and Focuses on Growth

Hear the story of how the DRCHSD Program helped SSCH work with their community to grow and enhance service lines and reach financial stability.

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