Community Champion Job Requirements

National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center)

Purpose of the Community Champion (CC)

The purpose of the Community Champion is to help guide the selected health care organization team and community throughout program activities, as well as to assist in the communications between various parties. The Community Champion is to assist selected health care organization teams and their communities with developing and implementing a Community Care Coordination (CCC) plan. The Community Champion also assists their health care organization in meeting the eight DRCHSD Program goals.

Community Champion Expectations, Roles and Responsibilities

The Delta Region Community Health Systems Development Program defines a Community Champion (CC) as an individual that can be a catalyst for culture change. A Champion is instrumental in creating a cultural shift in their community towards healthier living and are essential to assisting the selected health care organization in preparing an infrastructure for population health. The CC actions as the liaison for The Center's DRCHSD Program, the health care organization, and the community. The DRCHSD Program supports one Community Champion per selected hospital/clinic.

Key expectations for the Community Champion include:

  • Act as a liaison for The Center and be responsive to The Center staff
  • Support the selected hospital or clinic team in meeting program goals
  • Engage community organizations in the CCC activities
  • Be actively involved and engaged in all program training and development activities such as, but not limited to, learning collaboratives, conference calls, annual summits, workshops, training boot camps, consultations, and other assessment projects.

View the complete Community Champion job requirements in the above attachment.

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