2015 Flex Program Reverse Site Visit & Pre-Conference Workshop

Event Details
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center)

The annual Flex Program Reverse Site Visit is an opportunity for state Flex Program grantees to convene and share information about the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) Program and critical access hospitals (CAHs). This event focuses on the latest information and issues in the Flex Program including discussion of how national changes in health care delivery will impact CAHs. States share stories of their Flex Program experiences and successes with one another and with their project officers at the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP).

This event was supported by FORHP and coordinated by the Technical Assistance and Services Center (TASC), a program of the National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center).

Preceding the event, there was a voluntary pre-conference workshop to build skills around facilitation.

Flex Program Reverse Site Visit: Pathways to Value

Future of the National Flex Program

Kevin Chaney, MGS, FORHP, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Kristi Martinsen, MPM, FORHP, HRSA

Charting the Course: Federal Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Policy and Regulatory Update Panel

Tom Morris, MPA, FORHP, HRSA
Brock Slabach, MPH, FACHE, National Rural Health Association
John Supplitt, MPA, MBA, American Hospital Association

Keynote: Navigating the Pathways to Value

Dan Collard, Studer Group

Deploying Care Coordination and Care Transitions

Michelle Mills, Colorado Rural Health Center

Pat Schou, MS, Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network

Trailblazing CAH Turnarounds

John Gale, University of Southern Maine, Flex Monitoring Team (FMT)

Exploring Various Alternative Delivery Models

Craig Caplan, MA, FORHP, HRSA

Karla Weng, MPH, CPHQ, Stratis Health

Pathways to Value with Population Health

John Gale, MS, University of Southern Maine, FMT

Kami Norland, MA, The Center
Susan Starling, RN, Marcum and Wallace Memorial Hospital

Mobilizing MBQIP Measures towards Value

Megan Meacham, MPH, FORHP, HRSA

Transporting CAHs towards Value through Quality Improvement

Darrold Bertsch, Sakakawea Medical Center

Jody Ward, MS, RN, APHN, Center for Rural Health, University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

MBQIP and Addressing Rural Quality Challenges

Michelle Casey, MS, University of Minnesota, FMT
Ira Moscovice, PhD, University of Minnesota, FMT

Maneuvering MBQIP Measures: 101

Karla Weng, MPH, Stratis Health
Sarah Brinkman, MA, MBA, The Center

Contemplating the CAH Financial Distress Model

George Pink, PhD, University of South Carolina-Chapel Hill, FMT
Brystana Kaufman, MSPH, University of South Carolina-Chapel Hill, FMT
Rural Hospital Closures and Financial Distress

Discovering CAHs Operational Improvements

Scott Daniels, Hawaii Office of Rural Health and Primary Care

Margaret Brockman, Nebraska Office of Rural Health

Exploring State Flex Program Competencies for Excellence

Tracy Morton, The Center

Sally Buck, The Center
Terry Hill, The Center