Access to Health Care Through Telehealth

Event Details
Thursday, October 6, 2016
Rural Health Innovations (RHI)

Duration: 57 min

Telehealth is playing a larger role in increasing access to health care in our rural communities. This webinar provides an overview of the use of telehealth in rural areas, along with common challenges and potential solutions. Two leaders of rural health networks also share their experiences and advice about telehealth. 


  • Gain insight into how telehealth increases access to health care in rural communities
  • Understand workflow and provider challenges in providing telehealth services and some techniques to overcome those challenges
  • Discuss billing and licensure issues
  • Hear from rural health network leaders about their unique telehealth stories


  • Joe Wivoda, CIO, Rural Health Innovations (RHI)
  • Louis Wenzlow, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC)
  • Regina Smith, South Georgia Regional Prevention Coalition