Aiming for Impact Using a Systems Framework

Event Details
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Rural Health Innovations (RHI)

Duration: 62 minutes

Using a systems approach and framework gives you a tool to aim for impact. Rural health network leaders can optimize interactions and leverage the components of their projects to improve the overall effectiveness of their networks and hit the mark on their goals and desired outcomes. This webinar reviews the basics of a systems approach and why using a systems framework as a management tool is effective. Presenters introduced two system frameworks, the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework and the Studer Fly-Wheel and Pillars, which are tried and true tools for aiming an organization toward impact. 


  • Understand a systems approach and the benefits of using a system framework as a management tool 
  • Learn about the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework 
  • Learn about the Studer framework


  • Terry Hill, Executive Director, Rural Health Innovations (RHI)
  • Brian Lassiter, President, Performance Excellence Network 
  • Tina Shoemaker, Network Quality Consultant, Washington Rural Health Collaborative
  • Greg Paris, Rural Service Line Leader, Studer Group