Heal-thy Community: Integrating Resiliency Webinar

Event Details
Thursday, September 19, 2019
2:42pm CST
Rural Health Innovations (RHI)

Speaker: Kami Norland, MA, ATR

Integrative Re-Sources, CEO, Kami Norland, MA, ATR is a national and international speaker and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, specifically rural and mental health.  After 12 years of traveling across the US working with state and federal governments, small rural hospitals, rural health clinics and networks, and numerous community-led initiatives, Norland identified a systemic need to integrate resilience practices into organizational cultures as she observed too many people compromising their health for their job that could replace them in a week. The need was so strong, Norland founded Integrative Re-Sources, LLC combining her expertise in strategic planning and community development with her knowledge and education in resilience, positive psychology and mind-body medicine approaches. An organization (or community's) greatest asset is the health and resilience of its people. "Being intentional about our health and aligning our values with actions, simply, makes --cents!" 

Webinar Description

Working in a community collaborative aimed towards changing cultural norms, narratives and behaviors is exceptionally challenging. It can be hard to maintain momentum and enthusiasm. Learn how to identify the early warning signs and root causes of a distressed individual or team and classify the common causes of burnout, so you can mitigate these symptoms before quality becomes compromised, the rest of the team gets “infected” with negativity and people start quitting. Participants will discuss strategies that keep them going on days when it’s tough and how to give (and get) extra support when resiliency is needed. Join us to learn how you can identify, apply and measure the impact of integrating resiliency for yourself and your team.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Identify signs of community burnout and determine if that’s good or bad
  • Discuss practical strategies to improve satisfaction and retain a health team
  • Identify the impact of integrating resiliency