Scaling Tele-Behavioral Health Across the Health System

Event Details
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center)


  • Jim Hartye MD, Medical Director of Behavioral Health Ambulatory and Community Services, Mission Health
  • Mary Worthy, LMFT, Director of Behavioral Health Access, Mission Health
  • Amy Roberts, MHA, Executive Director of Virtual Care, Mission Health
  • Jonathan Bailey, MHA, Chief Program Development Officer, Mission Health
  • Darren Boice, LCSW, Director of Ambulatory Behavioral Health, Mission Health

Behavioral Health and Virtual Care leaders discuss best practices and lessons learned while providing insights on how to implement and scale a Tele-Behavioral Health Program at a tertiary care center across a system of small, rural hospitals and clinics. Mission Health in Asheville, NC, started providing Telepsychiatry services in its system hospitals in 2011 and has since from partial ED coverage by a Telepsychiatrist to a comprehensive Tele-Behavioral Health program. The program now includes crisis evaluation, disposition management, substance abuse, and Telepsychiatry coverage 24/7 to all system hospitals and is rapidly expanding into ambulatory clinics for crisis and prevention consults.