Network Product and Service Business Planning Workshop

Event Details
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 to Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The first step in sustainability is to determine a product or service the network can offer for financial gain, either by dues or fee for service, reflecting the goal of your network’s recently completed Marketing Plan. This workshop will build on the network’s Marketing Plan by building out the Business Model Canvas, which exist as the backbone of the Business Plan deliverable.

Participants will increase their knowledge of each component of the Business Planning Canvas, with an emphasis on the Financial Forecasting component of the canvas. This includes a deeper dive into learning how to determine costs and needed revenue. Network leaders will have the opportunity to share with each other, problem solve together and encourage each other.

During the interactive workshop, participants will be able to apply newly gained knowledge while working on components of their network’s business plan through a collaboration of learning, group discussion and work sessions throughout this two-day workshop.


  • Explore the Business Planning Canvas tool and learn how to use it to complete the Business Plan deliverable
  • Learn financial forecasting tools that network's can use to determine feasibility of a new product or service
  • Spend time operationalizing your networks product and services using the Business Plan Template


  • Participants will have a completed Business Planning Canvas to assist them with the Business Planning Canvas to assist them with the Business Plan RHND Grant deliverable. 
  • Operationalize the new product or service by determining key initiatives, resources and partners.
  • Participants will use financial forecasting tools to determine feasibility of new product or service while determining costs and needed revenue. 

The Network TA Team encourages participation from Network Directors, Project Coordinators/Managers/Directors, Grant Managers and Financial Managers.

This event is open to the July 2017 cohort of Rural Health Network Development Program grantees. Event connection details have been sent to eligible networks. For more information, please contact the Network TA Team at