Network Rural Health Care Workforce Summit

Event Details
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 to Thursday, May 23, 2019

The current health care workforce environment is changing rapidly. Factors contributing to these changes include a growing health care workforce shortage, health care workforce distribution, licensure, certification, and scope of practice issues, a multigenerational workforce, and increasing employee turnover. Building and maintaining a workforce that feels valued and is engaged and productive is fundamental to providing access to quality health care in rural areas.

As a neutral convener, networks are uniquely positioned to support their members’ workforce needs. During the Network Rural Health Care Workforce Summit, you will learn about the current and future health care workforce environment and how it impacts your members. Summit participants will work with other network leaders from across the country to identify members’ workforce needs, brainstorm ideas for addressing those needs, and consider the roles networks can play.

Through structured, facilitated discussions, participants will uncover potential products and services networks can provide to help meet the workforce needs of their members.


  • Learn about the current and future health care workforce environment
  • Identify members’ workforce needs and generate ideas for addressing those needs
  • Explore the role of networks in addressing members’ workforce needs
  • Contribute to a Summit report that will be used as a reference document for network leaders across the country