Quality Leadership Summit

On December 9-10, 2010, rural hospital quality and leadership experts were invited to participate in the Critical Access Hospital Quality Leadership Summit in Bloomington, Minnesota. The purpose of the small group meeting was to begin to capture a body of knowledge about rural hospital quality and leadership. The proceedings of the Summit will be incorporated into a white paper as well as educational curriculum for State Flex Programs and the federal Office of Rural Health Policy. The meeting was sponsored by the Technical Assistance and Services Center (TASC), a program of the National Rural Health Resource Center, with funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy.

Research in Quality and Change Management
Top 10 Factors Affecting CAH Quality [PDF - 164 KB]
Ira Moscovice, Flex Monitoring Team, University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center
Change Management and Safety Culture [PDF - 108 KB]
Jennifer Lundblad, Stratis Health
Research in Quality and Change Management: Arizona Experience [PDF - 466 KB]
Howard Eng, Arizona Office of Rural Health

State Quality Initiatives
Achieving Breakthrough Performance in Rural Health Quality [PDF - 10 KB]
Jeff Spade, North Carolina Hospital Association
State Perspective [PDF - 89 KB]
Carol Bischoff, Association of Montana Health Providers
Performance Measurement: Getting to the "Why" [PDF - 1.69 MB]
Larry Baronner, Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health
Dave Palm Presentation [PDF - 342 KB]
Dave Palm, Nebraska Office of Rural Health

Hospital Quality Initiatives
CAH Quality Leadership Summit [PDF - 70 KB]
Brock Slabach, National Rural Health Association
Leading Quality Improvement Important Management Framework [PDF - 36 KB]
Tim Rice/Laurie Bach, Lakewood Health System, MN
MICAH Quality Network [PDF - 341 KB]
Ed Gamache, Deckerville and Harbor Beach Community Hospitals, MI
Rural Hospital Performance Improvement in Nebraska [PDF - 652 KB]
John Roberts, Nebraska Rural Health Association 

Quality and Leadership Consulting
Rural Hospital Performance Improvement Approach to Performance Improvement [PDF - 448 KB]
Chris Tilden, Mountain States Group
Lessons Learned: Bob Hartl [PDF - 59 KB]
Bob Hartl/Toni Pearson, Hartl Pearson Consulting
Brian Haapala Presentation [PDF - 132 KB]
Brian Haapala, Stroudwater Asscociates
Quality and Leadership: Helping Our Hospitals Make It Work for Them [PDF - 324 KB]
Darlene Bainbridge, BB Bainbridge and Associates