Utilizing SHIP Funds for the Transition to Global Budgeting

Event Details
Thursday, June 25, 2020
1:00pm CST

In this SHIP Technical Assistance (TA) Webinar, Pennsylvania (PA) Flex Coordinator, Jennifer Edwards will share how her state is utilizing SHIP funds to prepare hospitals for the transition to global budgeting. She will discuss various activities that helped prepare PA hospitals for the rural health model, and provide specific strategies for delivering higher-quality care at lower costs.  Insights on challenges, best practices, progress, and outcomes will also be identified.

Webinar Objectives: 

  • Learn about the global budget structure and implementation of the PA Rural Health Model
  • Understand specific strategies in delivering higher-quality care at lower costs
  • Gain insights on SHIP activities and outcomes that prepared PA hospitals for the Rural Health Model
  • Review SHIP TA Assessment Findings and Future TA
  • FORHP SHIP Updates