Success begins with strong, informed leadership. The Center offers a variety of services on-site and remotely to leaders to assess strengths and identify areas of useful performance improvement.

Collaboration Training and Resources Toolkit

The Center has developed a six-module training and resource toolkit on the topic of building and maintaining healthy collaborations. The expected outcome includes increased awareness and confidence in identifying strategic partners, increased success in developing new collaborations and potential members and an increased focus on nurturing existing network members and partners through organizational changes which may include adding new members and partners.

Cost based on type of delivery – on-site or remote

Crucial Conversation Book Study

It is not always easy to have a conversation with colleagues, a customer or patient, a board member or partner organization. Sometimes the stakes are high and the opinions are diverse. One of the key ideas of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillian and Al Switzler, is that people only really have control of themselves. The authors set out to research what made some people especially effective; they found that some people were very good at getting relevant information out into the open in order to make the best decisions. They have suggestions for skills and approaches that will help everyone identify and hold crucial conversations. This remote book study is held over three one-hour webinars with a small group to share insights and lessens after reading the same chapters of Crucial Conversations.

$1,200 per series of three webinars and up to 20 participants

Leadership Training

The Center offers on-site consultation with leaders to assess strengths and identify areas of useful performance improvement activities. Also included is a follow-up session providing process consultation which helps to imbed performance improvement strategies into the culture of the organization.

Beginning at $8,000 per organization

Network Development

Rural health care service delivery and financing continues to evolve. Many rural health care providers and their communities are building networks to address access, quality improvement and cost reduction. Leadership and direction are essential to the success of networking activities. The Center supports networks by helping leaders to understand the changing environment and develop clear, feasible strategies that accomplish their mission and vision for the future and successfully implement adopted strategies.

Beginning at $7,000 per organization plus travel expenses

Network Board Development

As a network director, having a healthy, working relationship with the board of directors is critical to the ongoing success of the network. Learning how to build support and participation with board members and how to overcome challenges is critical. This training has four modules designed to support the network director in developing and engaging the board of directors of the network. The first portion of the training covers the basics of network structure and highlights the benefits of collaboration: “Together we are better.” The second half of the training focuses on providing the network director with some ideas, tools and best practices on how to engage the board and build upon initial success. This training is intended for network directors.

Cost based on type of delivery – on-site or remote


For more information, please contact Sally Buck at (218) 727-9390 ext. 225 or sbuck@ruralcenter.org.