Hospital Spotlight for Leadership Development: Blue Mountain Hospital, Blanding, Utah

November 2019
American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

Hospital Spotlight

Leadership Development

Blue Mountain Hospital (BMH) is a non-profit critical access hospital (CAH) providing services to the residents of Blanding, Utah, and surrounding communities. In 2017, BMH received a supplement through the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) Program which provided an opportunity for in-depth technical assistance on quality improvement. BMH leveraged the supplement to continue leadership development projects which have improved staff and patient satisfaction since the initiation of Leadership Development Institutes (LDIs), the Studer Group’s extensive development sessions which aims to improve organizational and individual leadership in order to meet organizational goals.

Top Accomplishments

While visiting BMH it was easy to see that the hospital is an engaged member of the community. From the hogan in front of the hospital, which is used for Navajo ceremonial events and community space, to the prescription “take back” box located in the lobby of the hospital, it was clear that BMH’s commitment to the community goes beyond the lobby of the hospital. The LDIs help reinforce this through the many aspects of their program.

Positive Outcomes

  • Increased staff satisfaction:
    • Leadership rounding with staff and providers
    • Development of an “Employer of Choice” committee to focus on organizational culture and employee retention, which has resulted in significant staff turnover reduction.
    • Structured onboarding process for new staff to ensure employees embody the culture that BMH is committed to
  • Increased patient satisfaction:
    • Hourly rounding with patients
    • Implementation of a “Service Recovery Toolkit,” a tool to empower hospital staff to address customer service-related issues on their own as they happen