Video Spotlight on Roosevelt General Hospital

June 2019
National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center)

View the Small Rural Hospital Transition (SRHT) Project Hospital Spotlight Video featuring Roosevelt General Hospital in Portales, New Mexico.

"We have been able to now be in the black, and we expect to have nearly a million dollars of positive revenue this year, whereas, we have no history of being in the black before for this facility, so that's very exciting for us." - Brad Roberts, Chief of Clinic Operations 

In one year, Roosevelt General Hospital was able to:

  • Reduce bad debt by 25% ($1 million in less than a year)
  • Increase point of service collections by 22% (clinic) & 15% (hospital)
  • Increase collections by $2.25 million
  • Reduce past time refiling by over 52%
  • Reduce no prior authorization denials by 77%
  • Reduce registration errors by 60%
  • Reduce days in accounts receivable from 77 to 50
  • Reduce non-acute patient visits in the ED by 25% in just three months!

"I want everyone to know the value of the program. This opportunity, the SRHT Project, has been life-changing. We felt like we had support. We felt like we had a plan." - Mercedes Lopez, Chief Nursing Officer

"The onsite consultation by the SRHT team really helped us focus. I think we thought things were just not within our reach before, and through the consultation process, we found out they absolutely are." - Kaye Green, Chief Executive Officer

For more information about the SRHT Project, visit our website.