Get Going

Get going on communicating your organization’s unique story to motivate staff, partners and the community in striving towards meeting improved population health. Navigating the transition from volume to value-based care and population health can be daunting as it requires a major cultural shift. A shift, for instance, from a culture of prescriptions and surgeries as top interventions to prescribing fruits and vegetables to patients.

This dramatic shift in thinking requires leadership, staff and the community to think differently and embrace prevention and wellness strategies. Embedding population health principles, such as coordination with community-based services or promoting healthy behaviors into rural hospital operations, is a cultural shift. Leaders will need to use change management strategies to engage and empower staff in this new way of thinking. Alignment of policies and expectations that support community engagement and coordination can support this shift.

Use this section of the Population Health Toolkit to acquire tools and resources that inspire staff to effectively demonstrate and communicate wellness with patients, the community and partners for a culture change toward improved population health outcomes.