Get Informed

Get informed on how to tell your community’s unique story! An organization’s customers, community, partners, staff and potential funders all rely on your organization’s ability to effectively measure, monitor and communicate goals and the impact that has been made by adhering to your mission. In order to demonstrate how effectively and efficiently your organization operates, establishing a continual process of measurement, feedback and knowledge management is recommended.

What organizations and communities measure often determines what they pay attention to and says much about what they value. In conjunction with community partners, rural hospitals are encouraged to think broadly about what areas are priorities for health in their community and consider intermediate measures that help monitor implementation of strategies.

Use this section of the Population Health Toolkit to access tools, resources and case studies on collecting data, assessing information and establishing workflow and communication processes designed to deliver excellent quality of care, at lower total costs, while improving health outcomes in the journey towards population health.

Check out the population health data tool to learn what key data points are relevant to you.