Community Champion Job Requirements

A Delta Region Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) Program Community Champion (CC) is an individual who can be a catalyst for culture change. Champions play an instrumental role in creating a shift in their community toward healthier living and are essential in helping their organization prepare an infrastructure for population health. The DRCHSD Program supports one CC for each selected program participant.

Key expectations for CCs include:

  • Carry out community care coordination (CCC) planning and implementation in their community, with the support of and guidance from their organization’s leadership and DRCHSD Program staff.
  • Serve as a liaison for the DRCHSD Program, their own health care organization, and their community.
  • Engage community organizations in CCC activities.
  • Be actively involved and engaged in all DRCHSD Program training and development activities (learning collaboratives, conference calls, annual summits, workshops, training boot camps, and other projects).
Community Champion Job Requirements.pdf (499.56 KB)