A Diversity, Equity and Cultural Competency Assessment Tool for Leaders

Institute for Diversity and Health Equity

This tool helps health care organizations assess their progress to create high-quality, inclusive, equitable and safe care environments aimed at eliminating health and health care disparities to improve the health and well-being of our neighbors and communities. The tool includes four sections:

  • Assessment Checklist: A tool that hospital and health care leaders can use as a starting point in evaluating the equity, diversity, inclusion and cultural competency of their organization and identifying what activities and practices are in place or need to be implemented.
  • Action Steps: A suggested “to do” list for how to use this tool to raise awareness within your organization.
  • Case Studies: Examples of hospitals and health systems that are implementing leading practices. You will find a description of their activities, as well as information for the key contact within each organization so you can learn more.
  • Bibliography: Resources to help you and others in your organization learn more about diversity and cultural competency.