Ambulance Service Assessment Instrument

Wisconsin Office of Rural Health

A national group of State Office of Rural Health (SORH) and emergency medical service (EMS) leaders created a mechanism to assess the capacity of ambulance services. The goal was to create an assessment that could be used nationwide, both by state groups seeking more information about the status of their EMS system and by national groups seeking to identify needs on a state-by-state basis that federal funding could most effectively target the gaps. 

With that in mind, 18 “Attributes of a Successful Rural Ambulance Service” were identified and a questionnaire developed to measure services’ adoption of each attribute. Distributed as an electronic survey, the self-assessment lists each attribute of success, and the participant places their service within a five-point range of adoption. Examples for each point on that scale are provided so there is consistency; a "3" on the scale means the same for everyone.