DRCHSD COVID-19 Telehealth Billing and Coding Collection

Many hospitals and clinics are navigating the new waters of running a healthcare facility with COVID-19 pandemic, especially regarding the new billing and coding guidelines. Through the DRCHSD Program, BKD has developed resources and webinars regarding COVID-19 telehealth billing and coding for our participating hospitals and clinics. These resources provide information on: 

  • CMS COVID-19 Telemedicine Services Updates and Cost Report Impact
  • COVID-19 Federal Funding Updates
  • State-Specific Medicaid Coding and Billing Updates for Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana
  • Medicare and state-specific Medicaid telehealth and virtual communication billing guidelines that include the following data elements:
    • Links to Medicare COVID-19 billing source documents
    • Links to State Medicaid COVID-19 billing source documents
    • CPT or HCPCS codes
    • ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes
    • Documentation requirements 
    • Modifiers
    • CMS-1500 claim place of service (POS) codes
    • UB-04 claim revenue code(s)
    • Eligible telehealth or virtual communication service(s)