Flex Program Evaluation Toolkit

National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center)

The Flex Program Evaluation Toolkit provides information, tools and resources to effectively collect data and assess the activities performed for the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) Program. The current direction of the Flex Program involves moving all of the state-level Flex Programs to a minimum standard of reporting on outcomes. The concept of measurement is a key factor of the grant work plans. Assessment, or evaluation, of state Flex Programs, as well as the national program, is critical to assess impact of the activities to demonstrate value.

The toolkit includes a primer and two units broken into six sections:

  • Primer provides an overview of key components of assessment, also known as evaluation
  • Unit 1 provides an overview of the pre work and planning that must precede a comprehensive evaluation
  • Unit 2 focuses on evaluation design, assessing and collecting data that can be disseminated and acted upon to enhance the program

Although this toolkit is designed with examples specific to the Flex Program, its concepts and tools could be used for any programmatic evaluation.

Please note the Flex Program has transitioned to 'assessment' of need to identify grant activities and the outcomes in order to maximize the impact on critical access hospitals.