Health Information Technology Toolkit for Critical Access and Small Hospitals

Author: Stratis Health

Utilized for implementing a comprehensive health information technology (HIT) or electronic health record (EHR) system, for acquiring individual applications, or for overhauling existing systems. While an overall organizational strategy is strongly recommended and supported through use of all the tools in the toolkit, each organization should construct its own timeline based on the applications, technology, and operational activities being undertaken. For critical access and small hospitals a carefully constructed foundation and the right tools to plan and implement HIT can mean the difference between systems that are not well-used or even add administrative burden, and those that achieve value. The purpose of this toolkit for is to supply tools, tested in this environment, that will help you plan and make the right choices, as well as to avoid having to re-invent the wheel.

An earlier version of this toolkit was commissioned by the Technical Assistance and Services Center, a program of the National Rural Health Resource Center, and distributed nationwide on CD-ROM through the Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) Program.