Prevention Of Drug Use And Treatment Of Drug Use Disorders In Rural Settings

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

This guide serves as an awareness-raising tool and guidance for policymakers, public health officials, local authorities and other stakeholders in dealing with substance use issues in rural settings in their respective countries. It helps to “set the stage” for the identification,  assessment, planning and implementation of both prevention interventions and policies, as well as interventions targeting rural drug users, by:

  • Describing substance use problems in rural settings and factors contributing to them
  • Identifying tools that can be used to assess the scope of rural substance use in their countries
  • Describing evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery strategies that can be implemented in rural areas
  • Providing examples of successful promising and evidence-based strategies implemented in diverse rural areas worldwide

This document also discusses the possibilities and benefits of engaging local rural communities in this process, and the synergies of developing comprehensive strategies covering prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.