QualityNet Video Resources

QualityNet (QNet)

The following are training videos available for playback from the QualityNet Training web page.

  • QualityNet Secure Portal: New User Enrollment Training 
    The audience for this session is health care providers and support contractors who need to access the QualityNet Secure portal. The training covers preparing for first-time login, logging in for the first time (proofing and credentialing process), logging into the QualityNet Secure Portal and logging out of the QualityNet Secure Portal.
  • Hospital Quality Reporting Notice of Participation
    This video provides instructions on the Hospital Quality Reporting Notice of Participation (NOP) pledge data entry application. Although it is not necessary for critical access hospitals (CAHs) to complete the inpatient or outpatient notice of participation (NOP) in order to participate in the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP), the NOPs must be completed in order for data submitted to QualityNet to appear on Hospital Compare.
  • Outpatient Quality Reporting Web-Based Measures
    This video demonstrates important features and key steps for submitting outpatient web-based measures via the QualityNet Secure Portal’s Web-Based Data Collection Tool. Measures submitted through this tool include MBQIP required measure OP-22. New users will want to watch the beginning of the video which demonstrates where to find the application for reporting outpatient measures. The video provides step-by-step instruction for submitting measure OP-22 starting at the 10:44 mark.
  • Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Web-Based Measures 
    This video demonstrates how to submit the MBQIP additional measure PC-01 using the QualityNet Secure Portal’s Web-Based Data Collection Tool