Rx Pain Medications. Know the Options. Get the Facts.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

The Rx Pain Medications: Know the Options. Get the Facts. is a series of 13 fact sheets designed to increase awareness of the risks associated with prescription opioid use and misuse, as well as to educate patients who are prescribed opioids for pain about the risks and to provide resources on methods for alternative pain management. The fact sheets available are:

  • Managing Your Pain: Which Approach is Right for You?
  • What to Do if Your Medication Isn't Working
  • Safe Disposal of Prescription Medications
  • Safe Storage of Prescription Medications
  • Common Names for Prescription Opioid Pain Medications
  • Treating Overdose with Naloxone
  • Dangerous Drug Interactions
  • What Are the Risks of Opioid Pain Medications?
  • My Medications
  • Prescription Pain Medication Agreement
  • Prescribing Opioids: Reduce the Risk
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs)
  • Talking to Your Patients About Opioids