SHIP Coordinator Resources

The Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (SHIP) provides funding to approximately 1,600 participating hospitals through 46 state offices of rural health (SORHs) to help small rural hospitals participate in value-based payment and care delivery models. This program is led by the SHIP Coordinators in each of the 46 states who work with their hospitals to administer these funds to implement allowable investments in training, software, and hardware..

This page is comprised of best practice resources, webinars, and learning collaboratives for SHIP Coordinators. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to

Overview/Best Practice Webinars

SHIP 101 Webinar: Watch this webinar for an overview of the SHIP program.

Telehealth Activities: Exploring Lessons and Experiences from State SHIP Programs: This SHIP Technical Assistance (TA) explored SHIP activities in KY, IA, ID, and WAsurrounding telehealth and mobile health hardware/software. 

Innovative Approaches to Delivering Training and Education: This SHIP TA Webinar will focus on innovative and successful approaches to delivering mass education and training implemented by the Indiana State Office of Rural Health, and the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.

Utilizing SHIP Funds for the Transition to Global Budgeting: In this SHIP Technical Assistance (TA) Webinar, Pennsylvania (PA) Flex Coordinator shares how the state is utilizing SHIP funds to prepare hospitals for the transition to global budgeting.

Quality Improvement: Review this SHIP webinar to learn about successful state SHIP quality improvement (QI) investment activities in GA and ND, while gaining insights regarding activity goals, challenges, and best practices. 

Care Coordination: This SHIP TA webinar outlines care coordination resources available for SHIP coordinators.

Program Evaluation

The Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP) Performance Management and Evaluation Guide aims to support SHIP Coordinators towards incorporating performance management into program operations, leading towards program improvement through evaluation. Read the guide and watch the accompanying webinar here.

Learning Collaboratives (LCs)

SHIP Evaluation Three Part Series: This learning collaborative accompanies the above guide and helps SHIP coordinators explore the purpose, components, and uses of performance management and program evaluations, learn the value of, and how to create objectives and measures, and discover how to collect, store, and use data towards performance management and program evaluation.

Using Hospital Data in SHIP VBP and/or ACO: This three-part LC helps SHIP coordinators understand hospital data components encompassing two SHIP grant investment activities: Value Based Purchasing (VBP) and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or Shared Savings. Areas of topic focus during the learning collaborative included VBP and ACO activities as hospital awards or consortium projects; using various sources of data and data analysis for VBP and ACO activity planning and monitoring; and communication techniques for hospital engagement.

Networking Series Part One and Part Two: This two-part LC helps coordinators learn methods for identifying needs of SHIP hospitals, choose activities for SHIP hospitals that reflect the assessment of their needs, obtain knowledge of equipment and training resources to address needs as a SHIP network or consortium, and promote SHIP activities to hospitals as a network or consortium.

Other Best Practice Examples

State Grant Supplement Ideas and Resources: This document provides examples of supplemental trainings, events, and resources for SHIP hospitals.

Example Special Innovations Project - Gotham Health Network Virtual Infusion Project: Provided by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP), this document provides an example of a Special Innovations Project.

Network Development Best Practice Templates: These documents serve as example activity templates for a network development project for SHIP. The templates are designed to be quickly modified to fit your state needs.

Colorado Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (SHIP): The Colorado SHIP Program shared this summary of their program's evaluation process as a sample for other state SHIP coordinators to reference when considering their own evaluation efforts.

Georgia Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (SHIP): The Georgia SHIP program shared this overview of their state's SHIP Value-Based Purchasing Quality Improvement Consortium activities during the 2014-2015 program year. Other state SHIP coordinators can reference the information shared by Georgia as a sample when considering implementation or improvement of their own consortium efforts as part of SHIP.