Template for Emergency Medical Services Informed Community Self Determination

February 2020

The Informed Community Self Determination (ICSD) process is intended for EMS response areas that are rural, relatively isolated, and do not have multiple EMS resource options. ICSD provides a process in which:

  • An objective evaluation of the service is completed by an outside expert or entity using a standardized evaluation tool.
  • The evaluator reports on issues which jeopardize service performance and their impact on response and the and level of care provided.
  • Options are presented within accepted national practices and state EMS law and regulations, and their implementation and cost impacts explained.
  • The community holds a meeting(s) of taxpayers and/or their representative decisionmakers, selects a level and type of service it desires, and establishes a level of funding needed to implement and sustain it.

This resource consists of an agency pre-visit checklist, a sample Program Agreement, and evaluation tools to help outside evaluators report on issues that might affect a community's EMS performance and level of care.