U.S. Health Workforce Chartbook

Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA)

The U.S. Health Workforce Chartbook provides data on 35 health occupations, including a wide variety of health workers, from physicians, nurses, and dentists to counselors, physical therapists, laboratory technicians, nursing assistants and others. The Chartbook includes detailed information on each occupation including estimated total numbers and detailed demographic information including sex, age, race and ethnicity, work setting and geographic distribution. The health occupations discussed in the Chartbook are classified based on the U.S. government’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system and included more than 14 million individuals in 2010, representing approximately 10 percent of the nation’s workforce. The vast majority of workers are employed in what the U.S. Office of Management and Budget defines as the “health sector,” which includes health settings such as hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and nursing homes. Individuals in health occupations may also work outside the health sector in settings such as local governments, schools or insurance companies.