EDTC Measure Data Reporting Resources

The Emergency Department Transfer Communication (EDTC) measure aims to provide a means of assessing how well key patient information is communicated from an emergency department (ED) to any health care facility. The measure is applicable to patients with a wide range of medical conditions (e.g., acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, pneumonia, respiratory compromise, and trauma) and is relevant for internal quality improvement purposes and external reporting to consumers and purchasers. The following resources provide information on the measure:

  • Data Specifications Manual: Detailed data specifications for collection of the EDTC measure.
  • Specifications Overview Training Video: A guide to abstracting the EDTC measure using the Specifications Manual.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to frequently asked questions regarding EDTC measure abstraction.
  • Stratis Health EDTC Data Collection Tool: Free, optional Excel-based EDTC data collection tool; various versions available (note – if you are unsure of which abstraction tool to use, please contact your state Flex program)
  • Stratis Health EDTC Data Collection Tool Manual: Detailed manual to support the use of the Stratis Health EDTC Data Collection tool.
  • Stratis Health EDTC Data Collection Tool Training Video: Step-by-step guide on downloading the Excel-based data collection tool, entering data, and running reports to calculate the measure.

Data Specifications Manual: EDTC Measure

EDTC Specifications Overview Training Video

EDTC Measure Frequently Asked Questions

Stratis Health EDTC Data Collection Tool

Stratis Health EDTC Data Collection Tool Manual

Stratis Health EDTC Data Collection Tool Training Video


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