Recruitment and Retention Planning for Allied Health Networks

Event Details
Thursday, October 6, 2016
Rural Health Innovations (RHI)

Duration: 61 min

Rural health networks are able to contribute to the effective recruitment and retention efforts of their member organizations in a number of ways. This webinar presents a toolkit designed for networks participating in the Rural Network Allied Health Training Program to support them in creating employment hiring plans. The Recruitment and Retention Plan Toolkit includes a guide with descriptive information on hiring for retention, an assessment tool for network project health care members to complete, an action planning template for the network or project director to identify opportunities to support network project health care members in improving their recruitment and retention plans and a sample document that offers examples of completed plan components. The presentation provides an overview of the toolkit and discusses common questions around recruitment and retention.


  • Kap Wilkes, Director of Program Development, Rural Health Innovations
  • Angie LaFlamme, Senior Program Coordinator, Rural Health Innovations