A Reflective Look at 2019 Care Coordination

Event Details
Thursday, December 13, 2018
2:00pm CST

Sustaining an effective care coordination program requires an intentional step back and reflection on a regular basis. This call will look at the elements for this intentional reflection by taking a high-level view of care coordination as a whole and exploring the key elements to make the most changes in those being coordinated for.

Our Subject Matter Expert (SME), Lesa Schlatman of Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN), will be focusing on the whole care coordination package and its effect on population health while addressing what the key components are that can be done at a very basic level and recognizing what a program can aim towards achieving.

Effectively billing for care coordination activities are important to sustainability. There will be time devoted to give an update on the new rules and regulations as well as time to ask questions and interact with other networks.

After this short education time, the line will be open for questions and discussion amongst participants. This will be an opportunity to ask question on the coming year’s billing codes and share insights with each other on how to bring your program to the next level.

Please prepare for this call by thinking of specific topics you would like to address as an opportunity to share these ideas will be presented during the call. This will also help identify topics for upcoming calls.  


  • Explore strategies for improving current care coordination programs
  • Gain ideas on how to take a care coordination program to the next level
  • Review CCM/TCM changes for 2019

This event is open to the July 2017 cohort of Rural Health Network Development Program grantees. Event connection details have been sent to eligible networks. For more information, please contact the Network TA Team at networkta@ruralcenter.org.