Network Development Cohort Group Calls

Rural Health Innovations Network TA Team has launched a new approach for connecting Network Development grantees to peers and increasing access to deeper knowledge, TA Cohort Calls and Coaching Opportunities. Four cohort topics have been selected based on grantee projects and grantee input, including:

  • Care Coordination from a community-based perspective
  • Care Coordination from a clinical-based perspective
  • Integrating Behavioral Health with primary care
  • Using Technology to make decisions

These events are open to the July 2017 cohort of Rural Health Network Development Program grantees. Event connection details will be sent to eligible networks. For more information, please contact the Network TA Team at  

Past Events

Past Webinar

Network Board Development: We Are Better Together

July 9, 2015

This webinar reviews network basics such as network models, board structures, the roles of the board and the executive director and the governance cycle. The second portion of the webinar includes ideas, tools and best practices on how to engage your board.

Past Webinar

Data Analytics in Rural Health Networks

June 18, 2015

This webinar discusses the relevance of data analytics within rural health networks and provides an overview of statistical analysis techniques. The presenters introduce open source tools that are useful for analyzing complex data relationships and explore best practices and available resources associated with data analytics.

Past Webinar

Aiming for Impact Using a Systems Framework

May 7, 2015

Rural health network leaders can use a systems approach and framework to improve the overall effectiveness of their networks and to reach their goals and desired outcomes. This webinar reviews the basics of a systems approach, why using a systems framework as a management tool is effective and two systems frameworks for consideration.

Past Network Planning Webinar

Communication in Rural Health Network Planning

April 23, 2015

Rural health network leaders make use of effective and engaging communication to create momentum. This webinar explores the importance of articulating clear missions, visions and goals, while understanding the needs of the communities being served. The presentation also reviews Section E of the Network Self-Assessment Tool.

Past Network Planning Webinar

Board Development in Rural Health Network Planning

March 19, 2015

Rural health networks may be structured and governed in a variety of approaches. This webinar discusses topics for network leaders to consider as part of board development efforts, including membership, bylaws, board job descriptions and value propositions. The presentation also reviews Section D of the Network Self-Assessment Tool.

Past Network Planning Webinar

Change Leadership in Rural Health Network Planning

February 26, 2015

Change occurs at many levels in rural health networks and communities. This webinar explores tools and ideas on change leadership designed for network leaders engaged in the planning stages of network development. The presentation also discusses Section C of the Network Self-Assessment Tool.

Past Network Development Webinar

Strategic Planning for Network Programs

February 12, 2015

This webinar and the accompanying toolkit provide guidance for rural health networks to develop an effective strategic plan and to create a participative strategic planning event. The toolkit provides a suggested format and layout, a guide with sample documents and a sample planning presentation outline.

Past Network Planning Webinar

Innovation and Creativity in Rural Health Network Planning

January 29, 2015

Rural health network leaders leverage tools to support the collaboration and integration of unique community and stakeholder needs and ideas. This webinar explores ideas and tips on innovation and creativity for network leaders engaged in the planning stages of network development. The presentation also discusses Sections A and B of the Network Self-Assessment Tool.

Past HIT Workforce Webinar

HIT Workforce Recruitment for Retention

January 27, 2015

Recruiting and retaining students can be challenging for many HIT training programs as they work to support rural hospitals and clinics with instructional opportunities to current staff and other potential students. This webinar provides a summary of HIT training program student statistics, information on the demand for HIT professionals, resources and best practices in student recruitment.

Past Network Development Webinar

Program Evaluation Planning for Network Development

January 8, 2015

Evaluation planning involves assessing the impact of program objectives to demonstrate value, monitoring progress toward program goals and identifying potential best practices and lessons learned. This webinar, and the accompanying toolkit, offer guidance and suggestions on developing key components of an evaluation plan for rural health networks.

Past Webinar

Network Technical Assistance Kick-Off Webinar 2014

November 13, 2014

In this webinar, Network TA Team members introduce themselves to current network grantees and describe RHI's TA approach. Attendees learn how the technical assistance provided during their grant periods will support them in achieving program goals.