A Look at Network's Sustainability Characteristics: How Are We Doing?

Event Details
Thursday, October 25, 2018
2:00pm CST

This year’s Network Technical Assistance (TA) Assessment was designed to measure your perceptions of your network’s efforts and activities as they relate to specific characteristics of a sustainable network.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the results of the Network Sustainability assessment and explore what they tell us about how we are doing as a cohort, aiming for sustainability.  We’ll also spend some time in virtual roundtable discussions where you can share specific challenges and successes you’ve experienced in the past year and offer input about additional resources and tools that RHI can provide to continue supporting you on the path to sustainability.


  • Explore the results of the Network Sustainability Assessment survey 
  • Share and learn from your peers about challenges and successes implementing sustainability activities
  • Discuss resources, tools and topics that would help aim your network toward sustainability
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Network Sustainability Study: Final Report 2018

The Network Sustainability Study results are finalized. The Final Report documents a Network Sustainability Assessment that can be used to identify opportunities for improvement. the results of a two-year study of 100 rural health networks. The report describes five key characteristics of a network aiming toward sustainability. A Network Sustainability Assessment used to identify opportunities for improvement is included within the report.