HIT Workforce Recruitment for Retention

Event Details
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Rural Health Innovations (RHI)

Duration: 61 min

A key activity for the Rural Health Information Technology (HIT) Workforce Program is recruiting students into the education and training programs. Filling the programs and retaining students in the second year is proving challenging for many networks as they work to support rural hospitals and clinics with instructional opportunities to current health care staff, local displaced workers, rural residents, veterans and other potential students. The HIT training programs will develop a cadre of HIT workers who can help rural hospitals, clinics and other providers implement and maintain systems as well as provide professional development in a growing industry in high demand. This webinar provides a summary of the HIT training program student statistics, information on the demand for HIT professionals, resources and best practices in student recruitment.


  • Understand trends in student recruitment of the Rural HIT Workforce program
  • Learn about the current and projected demand for HIT workers nationally
  • Discover best practices to assist with HIT student recruitment from rural networks and other sources


  • Sally Buck, CEO, National Rural Health Resource Center
  • Joe Wivoda, CIO, Rural Health Innovations/National Rural Health Resource Center
  • Cindy Large, RN, BSN, Network Director, Indiana Rural Health Information Technology Education Network (IRHITEN)