Small Rural Hospital Transition (SRHT) Project Application for Onsite Consultation

The SHRT Project Application is closed.

Recipients of SRHT onsite technical assistance (TA) may re-apply in alternating years for onsite TA other than the previously supported project and will not be selected in consecutive years. Hospitals participating in SRHT Project prior to 2017 – 2018 may submit an application and request service options that they have not received in the previous consultations. Hospitals that are supported in the 2017-2018 program year are ineligible for the 2018-2019 application period.

Prepare for the 2018-2019 SRHT Application

The documents below are a preview of the 2018 application. The forms provide an option to begin work on the application in advance of the online release date.

Helpful Hints to Submit a Successful Application

  • Both critical access hospitals (CAH) and prospective payment system (PPS) hospitals must complete all questions for both the application and the self-assessment
  • All applicants must explain both Yes and No responses, even if the question specifies clarification for only 'if yes' or 'if no' answers
  • The online application does not allow for applicants to save their work. Applicants can cut from MS Word document with prepared answers and paste into the online application.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned and not scored. An application will be considered incomplete if a section is missing, or if information within any section of the application is missing.
  • Should an applicant determine that revisions are required after the application or self-assessment have been submitted, a new online application and/or self-assessment may be resubmitted. The most recent submission will be reviewed and scored.

Submit Online Application and Self-assessment

The online application is closed.

Program Contact

Contact Bethany Adams at or Rhonda Barcus at for questions regarding the online application, self-assessment and/or application process.