Rural Path to Value

Start the Path Towards Population Health in Your State

Our services are tailored for State Offices of Rural Health and include education, resources, and facilitation for cohorts of hospitals that are ready to climb toward population health and improve the health status of their communities.

We've designed our packages as one-year projects as we know this is a difficult time for health care organizations to commit to more. Change takes time and we hope that the benefit and outcomes from year one will lead to a multi-year approach with us.

The Path to Value project will empower your state to be a population health leader and teach you how to increase your hospitals' ability to build and sustain partnerships, learn a process for planning that can be used to implement multiple projects, and help communities to transition towards population health.

A successful path to value and population health is determined by each unique rural community. With collaboration in mind, we support rural communities in a variety of ways because every community is different. We've also designed our services to be delivered virtually and with flexibility due to the changing health care environment.

Path to Value Activities

  1. Each hospital team completes a Population Health Readiness Assessment which highlights key areas of opportunity
  2. Individual hospital and community data snapshot reports provide assessment results and secondary data that can help to identify an intended population to focus on
  3. One-on-one support and coaching calls keep the project moving and address any roadblocks
  4. Two educational webinars tailored to cohort needs
  5. Strategy Identification Workshop to guide hospital teams through a process to build a strategic plan; participants choose one strategy to focus on for the year.
  6. Action Planning Workshop to create a clear action plan to include workgroups, partners to engage, and dates to implement
  7. Peer sharing calls to network with other hospitals that are doing similar work and share their successes and challenges on the peer sharing calls.

Package A | Up to 12 hospitals

This package offers two different tiers of support for your hospitals. We divide hospitals into tiers based on their Population Health Readiness Assessment results. Tier 1 is for hospitals that are already doing some population health work, have a strong understanding, and are ready to continue that work. Tier 2 is for hospitals that need to develop a better understanding of population health and may need more guidance. This ensures the content of this program is meeting your hospitals where they're at.

Package B | Up to 6 hospitals

All six hospitals will be led through the activities listed above. With fewer participants in this cohort, RHI is able to tailor content to the needs of each individual community.

Get Started

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