Community Benefit Reporting Tool

RHPI has supported the creation of instructional power points and associated tools to assist hospitals in creating their own Community Benefit Report.

Overview and Descriptions [PDF - 236 KB]

Community Benefit Training PowerPoints

Community Benefit Services Exercises

A. Community Health Improvement Services:

B. Health Professions Education:

C. Subsidized Health Services:

D. Research:

E. Cash and In-Kind Contributions:

F. Community Building Activities:

G. Community Benefit Operations Activities:

Community Benefit Reporting Templates

  1. Community Benefit Activity Report [DOC - 97 KB]
  2. Community Benefit Planning Worksheet [DOC - 80.5 KB]
  3. Policies Checklist – Financial Assistance [DOC - 67 KB]
  4. Policies Checklist – Billing and Collections [DOC - 59 KB]