Federal Flex Updates: April 2017

April 2017

Happy anniversary! That’s right, this is my twelfth Rural Route update which means I have been your Flex Program Coordinator for a full year now. Looking back at my first update in May 2016, I see I was talking about the Performance Improvement & Measurement System (PIMS) data then and, as you saw if you follow the Flex Program Forum, we just rolled out a new PIMS data download feature for you to use last Friday.

You are all working hard on your non-competing continuation (NCC) write-ups. There have been some good questions posted in the Flex Forum. Please keep them coming! Your questions help you write a better progress report and they help us improve the Flex Program. I know that we can never anticipate all problems in advance so I’m committed to practicing continuous quality improvement within the Flex Program itself.

Also on the NCC, remember this is your chance to talk about your successes. Don’t hesitate to brag! You are doing great work and you should highlight it. A few topics I hope you will include in your NCC narrative, as applicable to your program:

  • Are you doing anything in your Flex Program with telehealth or Project ECHO models? 
  • How does your state Flex work relate to behavioral health, substance abuse treatment and/or opioid use disorders?  
  • How many critical access hospital site visits have you completed and planned? 

Until next time, keep up the great work and keep asking questions! 

Sarah Young

Flex Program Coordinator

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