January 2019

January 2019

As you know both the Flex Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and the (FY) Fiscal Year 2019 Flex Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Supplement NOFO were released on Grants.gov last Thursday, January 24, 2019. The Flex Program application is due March 29, 2019, and the Flex EMS Supplement application is due April 5, 2019. Join us Thursday, January 31, 2019, for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) technical assistance (TA) webinars for both NOFOs. See the TASC Cooperative Agreement Guidance page for a quick reference for the application instructions and supporting materials. Please send me any questions before the TA webinars and we will answer as many as we can.

I know we will all be focused mostly on the NOFOs and the applications for now, however, I also want to remind you about other components of the ongoing FY 2018 Flex Program. First, your Federal Financial Reports (FFRs) for the FY 2017 budget year (9/1/2017 – 8/31/2018) are due January 30, 2019. Completing your FY 2017 FFR is a good time to confirm whether or not you have any unspent FY 2017 funds—remember unspent FY 2017 funds remain available in FY 2018 due to the extension. If you identify significant unspent FY 2017 funds on the FFR, please talk to your project officer and make a plan to spend those funds by the end of the current budget year.


As a reminder, you have until August 2018 to spend both the FY 2018 award and any unspent FY 2017 funds. Because it is both a two-year budget period and the end of a period of performance, you should not have any unspent funds remaining at the end of FY 2018. We will take exceptional circumstances into account but in most cases we expect you to spend all of your funds in the period of performance. Please ensure that you have plans in place now to obligate all Flex award funds by August 31, 2019. 


Second I want to give you a heads-up that we will be sharing more information over the next month about what to expect at the end of this budget year. Because of the transition to a new type of award (a cooperative agreement) you will see some differences in the award process. I am working with our colleagues in Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Grants to schedule a webinar about what to expect for the end of this budget year and the beginning of the next one.


I look forward to seeing your new ideas and innovations in your Flex applications. Please use the resources of the Technical Assistance and Services Center (TASC), Flex Monitoring Team (FMT), Rural Quality Improvement Technical Assistance (RQITA), and your project officers as you are working on those applications.


We are all here to help you!

Sarah Young

Flex Program Coordinator

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