Strategic Planning

Effective planning is critical for organizational success. Achieve organizational success through expertly facilitated services by The Center, national rural health experts.

Strategic Planning

When leaders are actively involved in a planning process to develop relevant strategies, rural health organizations are empowered to strengthen regional health care services. The overall goal of providing facilitated strategic planning is to support the rural health organization in reaching toward its vision and meeting its mission. A strategic planning facilitation will include an on-site planning session with the network’s board of directors and hospital or network leaders to develop strategic objectives. One key to successful strategic planning is to consider the whole organization. The balanced scorecard methodology is a management tool that supports this systems approach. To build capacity within the network leaders and board, an introduction of the balanced scorecard methodology will be provided. The scope of this planning event includes 10-12 key informant interviews and a brief environmental scan. The outcome of the planning event is a network’s initial balanced strategy map and plans for holding quarterly strategic review meetings.

Beginning at $9,000 per organization

Business Plan Development for Rural Health Networks

This service is designed for rural health network leaders to develop a business plan that will further their network’s sustainability by providing a plan for profitable business development, improved operational efficiencies and collaboration with stakeholders and partners. The business planning tool is based on a system framework and includes the following components and objectives:

  1. Description of the organization and strategic plan: articulating the purpose of the network and the alignment of the mission and vision with the network’s strategic plans
  2. Summary of the organization’s products and services and articulation of value proposition: understanding the needs of the customers and members and identifying the value and benefit that the network is able to deliver
  3. Overview of the organization’s management, culture and operations: describing and attributing key initiatives, infrastructure and partners that are needed for delivering the network's value
  4. Outlook of the organization’s financial performance: estimating and forecasting financial scenarios that describe a sustained network

The outcomes of the plan include the following:

  • Clarity of customer needs and discovery of network solutions that are mapped for business development and profitability
  • Improved operations and alignment with strategic objectives
  • Better relationships with key partners

Beginning at $3,500 per organization

Marketing Planning Training and Workshop

A strategic marketing plan serves as a roadmap of how to organize all marketing efforts in a cohesive, organized, specific, accountable and measurable system of objectives and initiatives. Organizations need marketing plans for a variety of reasons, including creating institutional knowledge, establishing accountability and streamlining efforts and resources. It is a critical plan for success and sustainability. This Strategic Marketing Training and Workshop includes an on-site session to provide robust training on all the components required to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, which will build capacity within the network leadership and staff. It will also form an interactive facilitated process to create strategic marketing objectives with measures, targets and initiatives for organizations.

Beginning at $3,500 per organization


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