Upcoming Events

Upcoming Allied Health Webinar

Leading Change

July 18, 2018

Driving change isn’t easy. We sometimes spend a lot of time and energy developing what we think is a well-designed change initiative, only to have others’ reactions derail the plan entirely. It’s likely that you’re working through many changes as the Allied Health grant period comes to a close. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at both the rational and emotional side of a change initiative, and give you strategies for addressing both. We’ll explore ways to not only keep others engaged in the change process, but also to keep up your own energy as you encounter challenges along the way.

Upcoming Network Development Cohort Group Call

Care Coordination Software Selection

July 19, 2018

Confidently selecting the right, or best, care coordination software is a challenge that comes up in many of our calls. It's important to select software that meets the needs of the project today and in the future. Join this call to explore this question with our Technology Cohort.

Upcoming Flex Virtual Knowledge Group

Roles of EMS in the Transition to Value

August 6, 2018

Learn how the transition to value affects EMS. Discuss the potential for EMS to adapt in a value-based health care system. Discover how Flex Programs are working with EMS in the transition to value.

Upcoming MBQIP Virtual Knowledge Group

MBQIP Quality Improvement Benchmark and Abstracting for Accuracy

August 16, 2018

Understand the methodology involved in calculating the MBQIP Quality Improvement Benchmarks and the intended uses of the measures. Hear about the outcomes of the Abstracting for Accuracy project and how Flex partners can leverage the learnings to improve reporting practices

Upcoming HELP Webinar

Rural Hospital Toolkit Spotlight

August 20, 2018

Learn more about the Toolkit and harvest the best resources for your organization’s use, including our newest addition to the Toolkit, video spotlights!

Upcoming Workshop

Network Balanced Scorecard Training

August 28, 2018 to August 29, 2018

For a network to be sustainable, network leaders must continually evaluate progress and results, while stakeholders must clearly see and understand the benefit of being a part of a network. Through this workshop, participants will work within the context of their networks and engage in interactive sessions to learn how to implement the BSC methodology.

Upcoming Workshop

DRCHSD 2018 Summit

September 18, 2018 to September 19, 2018

The purpose of the DRCHSD 2018 Summit is to gather the ten participating hospitals and clinics, the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Delta Regional Authority, program technical assistance providers and state partners. The two-day Summit will provide program accomplishments, rural health care information, networking and an overview of the next phase of projects.


Networking News

Network Leaders as Speakers: Considering Speaking

July 2018

A very common fear is speaking in front of others. True leadership means facing this fear head on. Read on to learn strategies that will help you face your fears, as well as effectively deliver your message!

Hospital Spotlight

At Presentation Medical Center: Culture Impacts Success

July 2018

Senior leadership at Presentation Medical Center is guided by the principle that progress is most effectively accomplished by starting with a strong and engaged leadership team. This is evident in the outcomes of their SRHT project.


Community Recruiters

July 2018

Recruiting and retaining health professionals can be particularly profound in rural areas. The loss of even a single professional can impact health care delivery resulting in limited access to basic health care services for thousands of residents. In this article, learn how the small community of Grafton, ND has overcome their rural obstacles by utilizing its number one resource…their community members.

Hospital Spotlight

Uvalde Memorial Hospital Strategizes SRHT Implementation

June 2018

UMH successfully incorporated the ten action items recommended in their 2017 FOA strategic plan. The teams modified time frame goals to coincide with the strategic plan to stay focused on the implementation.