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Upcoming Webinar

RHPTP Eligible Learning Collaborative

May 24, 2021 to August 30, 2021

RHPTP Eligible Learning Collaborative is designed to help you assess your organizational strengths and weaknesses in preparing for the transition to value-based care (VBC). Through education and group discussion, you will gain a better understanding of a variety of VBC topics that lend themselves to help strengthen your organizational foundation for becoming effective participants in a health system focused on value.

Upcoming Webinar

Collaborative Discussion: Best Practice Sharing

July 29, 2021

This session will focus on learning about recruitment and retention strategies used by other hospitals and clinics participating in the DRCHSD program as well as getting to answer any questions you have!

Upcoming Flex Program Telehealth Webinars

Rural Tele-Behavioral Health

August 3, 2021

Define what tele-behavioral health consists of and how it is different from tele-mental health. State what a tele-behavioral health visit looks like for a patient. Recall data and evidence related to the effectiveness of tele-behavioral health. Identify the opportunities and challenges of implementing and sustaining tele-behavioral health for rural health providers.

Upcoming Flex Virtual Knowledge Group

Best Practices in Flex Program Contract Management

August 10, 2021

Identify contract management best practices and tips they can use for their Flex Program subcontracts or managing the life cycle of their QI project. Recognize how other Flex Coordinators troubleshoot contract management issues to improve office efficiencies and project outcomes.

Upcoming HELP Webinar

Resilience: Springing Back to Move Forward

August 11, 2021

This webinar will explore how the concept of resilience supports this ability and how it relates to the goal of healthcare to support quality and safety.

Upcoming HELP Webinar

Using Telehealth to Support Value-Based Care

August 24, 2021

Telehealth can be an effective tool in managing chronic conditions in reducing readmissions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the 1135 Federal waiver permitted certified rural health clinics (RHCs) and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) to provide services using telehealth without the restrictions that were previously in place. 

Upcoming MBQIP Virtual Knowledge Group

September MBQIP Virtual Knowledge Group

September 16, 2021

MBQIP VKGs provide a networking opportunity for state Flex Programs and subcontractors. Topics for discussion are determined based on MBQIP Data Reports, technical assistance trends and requests.

Past Events

Past Webinar

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Free and Low-Cost Tools to Tell Your Story

July 22, 2021

This session will examine successful strategies for creating job postings, plan an approach that tells your organization's virtual story through your web presence and social media, as well as discuss free and low-cost marketing resources and how they can aid in recruitment.

Past Reverse Site Visit

2021 Flex Program Virtual Reverse Site Visit (RSV)

July 20, 2021 to July 22, 2021

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy's (FORHP) Flex Program Virtual Reverse Site Visit (RSV) is an opportunity for state Flex Programs to make connections, share best practices and gather lessons learned to better engage and empower CAHs in activities to support healthy rural communities.

Past Webinar

Building the Foundation of Your Recruitment Efforts

July 8, 2021

This session focused on identifying the four phases of the recruitment process, distinguishing how the recruiting process in rural areas is different than urban, and designing the ideal recruitment ream for rural and underserved areas.

Past Flex Program Telehealth Webinars

Tele-Monitoring of Rural Patients

July 7, 2021

Explain the basic components of remote patient monitoring (RPM) services. Describe the value of RPM to rural patients. Recall data and evidence related to the effectiveness of RPM. Recognize the opportunities and challenges of RPM for rural health providers. Understand what RPM means for value-based models.

Past Conference

2021 Virtual Minnesota Rural Health Conference

June 22, 2021 to June 23, 2021

The 2021 virtual conference will consist of a keynote address from Commissioner Jan Malcolm, six highly interactive workshops, and a policy panel.

Past Rural HIT Coalition

June National Rural HIT Coalition

June 17, 2021

View the playback from the National Rural HIT Coalition meeting with state and federal updates. Discussions included the quality and effectiveness of telehealth.

Past Webinar

Dashboard TA Webinar

June 16, 2021

The purpose of this webinar is to present an overview of the new action planning template and discuss how to use the tool to support the implementation of the action plan.

Past Flex Virtual Knowledge Group

State Flex Programs and Non-traditional Partners

June 15, 2021

Identify examples of non-traditional partnerships that can be beneficial in for state Flex programs. Discuss how to establish partnerships within state Flex program work. Recognize the value of seeking out other partnerships in your state and its positive impact on your state Flex program initiatives.

Past Webinar

Community Paramedicine: Reaching into the community

June 10, 2021

In this webinar, participants will learn about Community Paramedicine and its applications. The importance of a data focus will be discussed along with key implementation and sustainment strategies. Participants will receive Community Paramedicine resources for future use and see how a Community Paramedicine program can be the connector for their patients.

Past MBQIP Virtual Knowledge Group

State Flex Program Quality Improvement Project Prep

June 10, 2021

Participate in group sharing and discussion of plans and potential pain points regarding planning and implementation of the quality improvement (QI) project as outlined in your non-competing continuation (NCC). Hear general MBQIP updates.

Past Webinar

Community Health Workers: What Health Care Organizations Need to Know and Do

May 26, 2021

When your target population includes those that face challenges such as health care access or treatment compliance, a Community Health Worker can make all the difference. Listen to this webinar to learn more about organizational readiness for Community Health Workers, the value of lived experience, and program sustainability factors.