Eligibility and Application


Eligible applicants include small rural hospitals (critical access hospitals and prospective payment system acute care facilities up to approximately 100 beds) rural health clinics, and other healthcare organizations located in Delta Regional Authority (DRA) designated counties and parishes. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to drchsd-program@ruralcenter.org.

Eligible organizations must be willing, able and ready to undertake a large, comprehensive project over multiple years, and fully participate in all phases and activities to meet the program purpose and goals. Eligible organizations are considered based on their congruence with program purpose and goals, as well as leadership's commitment to fully participate in all phases of the program over multiple years.


    Applications are accepted on an open and rolling basis, and may be submitted any time during the year. Applications remain on file and eligible organizations are considered for future openings.

    Applications may be submitted using the webform provided below. Alternatively, eligible organizations may submit a hard copy application to drchsd-program@ruralcenter.org or complete DRA’s Notice of Intent form.

    An application review call is scheduled with the organization's Chief Executive Officer to gather other supporting pertinent information. Program information is shared to build greater understanding of the purpose, goals, and participation expectations.

    Submit Delta Region Community Health Systems Development Application