2020 Flex Program Reverse Site Visit (RSV)

Event Details
Wednesday, August 5, 2020 to Thursday, August 6, 2020
Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP)

Creating 20/20 Vision: Empowering Flexibility in Rural

The focus of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy's (FORHP) 2020 Flex Program Reverse Site Visit (RSV) is the importance of flexibility and adaptability in today's rapidly changing health care environment. The purpose of this event is to provide state Flex Programs with a collaborative learning environment to make connections, share best practices, and gather lessons learned to empower and support state Flex Program and critical access hospital (CAH) flexibility. Through content and discussions, participants will be able to create clarity, or a 20/20 vision, for improving and strengthening rural health care. We look forward to your attendance at this educational and informative event.

Flex Program RSV Learning Objectives

By attending the Flex Program RSV, participants will be able to:

  • Replicate successful state Flex Program models for empowering flexibility in today’s rapidly changing environment
  • Determine what 20/20 vision looks like for improving and strengthening rural health
  • Strengthen the leadership of your state Flex Program in the Core Competencies for State Flex Program Excellence


The intended audience for the Flex Program RSV is State Office of Rural Health Directors, Flex Coordinators and other key Flex personnel (two per state), Flex Monitoring Team (FMT), Stratis Health's Rural Quality Improvement Technical Assistance (RQITA) team, Technical Assistance and Services Center (TASC) staff and Advisory Committee, and FORHP staff.