Maintaining Momentum Through Purpose

Event Details
Thursday, March 4, 2021
9:49am CST
Rural Health Innovations (RHI)

Throughout a project’s life cycle, project leaders and stakeholders experience a fairly predictable sequence of peaks and valleys in enthusiasm. Early on, we often feel energized about doing something new and the potential for making a difference. As the project moves forward, however, we begin to understand the extent of the challenge we’ve taken on. Uncertainty can lead to decreased motivation, a sense of being stuck, and a disconnect with the reasons we got involved in this work in the first place.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through a typical project “engagement lifecycle” outlining common points for dips in motivation. We’ll explore ways that you as project leaders can help yourselves and your community partners stay engaged during these dips by reconnecting with a sense of purpose. You’ll also hear how other organizations have addressed challenges common at this stage in your project.


  • Identify your team’s status on the change project engagement lifecycle
  • Develop a plan for boosting engagement for yourself, your internal team, and your community partners
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